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Rusty rackets receive a healthy revival

Get out those rusty rackets!Tucked away in the cupboard of many a Welsh home sits the once-loved tennis racket - unused, uncared for and quietly wearing away. But with the help of the Sports Council, a new tennis programme in the Vale of Glamorgan has rescued dozens of rackets from years of neglect.

A £550 Community Chest grant helped Barry Athletic Club’s ‘Rusty Rackets’ programme give people a chance to re-explore the wonderful game of tennis.

Adults looking to improve their serve & volley receive up to 90 minutes weekly coaching as part of the club’s informal practice sessions. The club also hopes to foster a social environment, breaking the usual barriers that discourage adults from healthy physical activity.

Rallies may have been a bit patchy to begin with, but the programme is ultimately improving everyone’s game and giving a much-needed confidence boost to new and returning players.

‘Rusty Rackets’ follows the Sports Council’s aim to ease newcomers towards improving fitness, health and wellbeing - while showing that active parents can set a good example to their children..

Hot on the heels of the initial membership drive, the club is looking to sign up other ‘rusty’ players. Numbers on court will soon be high enough for the scheme to run independently. So Roger Federer had better watch this space…