Organising Activities in your Community

Bowling for healthier hearts and minds

Members of the Wood 'n' Hearts bowling programmeCardiac rehabilitation patients in Rhondda Cynon Taff have taken to the bowling green and discovered the physical and psychological benefits of sport.

The patients themselves called for the gentle activity to be incorporated into their rehabilitation scheme. So the Wood’n’Hearts bowling programme was formed with the backing of the cardiac rehabilitation team and the Local Authority.

The new group took to the game on a regular basis. But without their own bowls, they were restricted to playing with club equipment at Gelli Galed Green during the summer.

The Sports Council responded to the problem with a Community Chest grant of £750, covering the cost of several sets of bowls. This allowed the bowlers to take the game to Rhondda Leisure Centre during the winter months.

The sessions give patients the opportunity to exercise within their own advised limits - and the game’s social aspect means that firm friendships are developing among participants.

With the help of the Sports Council, the Wood’n’Hearts group are bowling their way to wellness all year round – and as demand increases, more and more sessions are planned for the future.