Organising Activities in your Community

Llamau cycles to a healthier future

A sure path to fitness for all concerned!Llamau Ltd, a young people’s charity in the Vale of Glamorgan, is reaping the rewards that physical activity offers its staff and service users.

The charity provides essential support to over 600 homeless young people, care leavers, young offenders and vulnerable women by providing them with emergency bed spaces, hostel shelter and temporary housing.

But most of its young service users felt isolated in their properties, needing a confidence boost in adapting to life after leaving the care system. At the same time, support workers were keen to develop some form of physical activity as part of their daily routine.

Llamau decided that everyone’s needs could be met through cycling – a chance to build a closer bond between staff and clients, and a sure path to fitness for all concerned.

Llamau contacted the Sports Council with the idea, and we helped to kick start the project with a Community Chest grant to purchase cycles and equipment.

Charity workers now cycle to their clients’ homes instead of driving, a move that improves their fitness while helping the environment. And clients can join their support workers in cycling to support sessions held at local beauty spots in Barry and Penarth.

Llamau’s young people are now pedalling their way to greater self-esteem. As they get to know their support workers through shared physical activity, they’re facing a new life with greater zest and a healthy outlook.