Organising Activities in your Community

How we can help

There are so many ways to help the people you work with every day. You know their interests, likes, dislikes. You can gauge what would persuade them to become more physically active.

We’ll help you put your ideas into action and point you to local contacts who can help move your project along. Here are some useful links which may be able to offer extra assistance. If you’re starting a new project, we may be able to help you with start-up costs such as purchasing equipment. Or if building restrictions are standing in the way, you may be able apply for grant funding for minor upgrades to premises.

We also can help with training costs for volunteer session leaders and instructors. And with working models of successful projects to hand, we can make sure you follow a proven system to get the most from your initiative.

To see how a physical activity programme could help your organisation, follow the links to the side or call your regional support officer:

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