Organising Activities in your Community


A recent study by Carers UK found that caring often means compromise: compromised social well-being as well as compromised health and physical wellbeing. Finding the middle ground can be difficult for carers who are often faced with an unequal care/life balance. But it’s important for carers to remember that looking after themselves puts them in a better position to look after others.

Caring can be exhausting, and while physical activity and sport might not seem like the most obvious reprieve, it can offer a huge physical and mental boost. Regular exercise will help a full or part-time carer by:

  • improving overall health;
  • increasing energy;
  • improving sleep;
  • reducing stress;
  • increasing self confidence;
  • rebuilding a social life;
  • improving outlook and the ability to cope.

SCW Voluntary Sector Corporate presentation:

If you’re keen to get something moving in your organisation or community, why not take a look at this presentation and see some of the projects the Sports Council for Wales has supported so far (please note there be a time delay for the document to upload):

Voluntary Presentation