Organising Activities in your Community

Crime Prevention

Llamau Ltd - Teenagers and support workers bike their way to fitnessPhysical activity and sport can bring a wide influence to bear. Across Wales, sport is increasingly being used to combat social exclusion and anti-social behaviour.

When sport is promoted to marginalised and disadvantaged young people, it can:

  • reduce youth criminal activity;
  • lower truancy rates;
  • build self-esteem, confidence and hope for the future;
  • help individuals realise their potential;
  • reduce anti-social behaviour in the community.

Relevant Case Studies:

Civil disorder decreased by 58% in Aberbargoed, Mid Glamorgan when a new council run skate-park was opened, click here to find out more information.

SCW Voluntary Sector Corporate presentation:

If you’re keen to get something moving in your organisation or community, why not take a look at this presentation and see some of the projects the Sports Council for Wales has supported so far (please note there be a time delay for the document to upload):

Voluntary Presentation