Organising Activities in your Community

Younger People

Discovering new pursuits can help motivation, build confidence and rescue negative beahaviour.10% of young people have found themselves outside the world of education, training and employment. They are excluded from all the things the other 90% take for granted, including sport and recreation.

Giving these neglected groups the same opportunities as their peers can help their motivation, build confidence and reduce negative behaviour.

By discovering new pursuits and hobbies like surfing or rock-climbing, troubled youths have developed a belief in their own potential and learned transferable skills that can be used to tackle more specific problems.

Coupled with long-term personal support, challenging activities can give young people a route back into mainstream society.

Relevant Case Studies:

To see how Coastlands Family Church in Barry have developed a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for local young people, click here.

SCW Voluntary Sector Corporate presentation:

If you’re keen to get something moving in your organisation or community, why not take a look at this presentation and see some of the projects the Sports Council for Wales has supported so far (please note there be a time delay for the document to upload):

Voluntary Presentation