How can we help you...?

How can we help you...?

FundingThe Sports Council for Wales operates a number of funding schemes that aim to increase levels of physical activity and sport in Wales. Eligible organisations can apply for funding from any of the schemes detailed.

Available Schemes:

Capital Grants:
The money available in any given year for capital expenditure can range anywhere between £5m and £7m. This funding is primarily used for the building and refurbishment of sporting facilities, including improving access.

Coach Cymru:
The Sports Council for Wales works closely with National Governing Bodies, SportsCoach UK and Colleges to provide a wide range of training opportunities for coaches.

Community Chest:
This is a National Lottery funded grant aid scheme. It is designed to encourage more people to become more active more often. The maximum grant is now £1,000 in any 12 month period.

Elite Cymru:
This is another lottery funded scheme, aimed at providing the most highly promising competitors in Wales with the support they need to achieve their potential.

Minor Grants:
Minor Grants provide funding for projects that create new, additional or improved opportunities to play sport.

Overseas Expeditions Development Scheme:
This scheme helps fund overseas expeditions which will enhance the development of a sport.

Sportsmatch Cymru:
This is the National Assembly Government's business incentive scheme managed by the Sports Council for Wales.