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Sportsmatch Cymru

Sportsmatch Cymru

Sportsmatch Cymru is the Welsh Assembly Government’s Business sponsorship incentive scheme for sport and physical recreation in Wales.

It is designed to encourage more business backing for sport and physical recreation by matching commercial sponsorship £ for £, thereby doubling the impact of sports sponsorship for both business and sport

Who is eligible?

Any properly constituted sports club/association or local authority, which is being sponsored by a commercial organisation.

What is eligible?

Sponsorship agreements that either involve new or additional business investment.

The minimum application is £300. This can be made up of 3 sponsors - £100 pers sponsor (£100 minimum contribution per sponsor).

The maximum application is £50,000.

Organisations can submit more than one application per financial year, as long as the total amount of all applications does not exceed £50,000.

How to apply

To apply for Sportsmatch Cymru award – Contact your nearest Sport Wales regional office.

who will be happy to discuss the project and provide advice and guidance where necessary.

Alternatively you can download the application and further information from the Grants and Funding Downloads Section of this website.


Sportsmatch Cymru is not open to individual members of the public, primary schools or associated bodies arranging activities for children, or secondary schools who are part of the 5x60 scheme.

In addition the following activities cannot be funded:

  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance or circus skills
  • Existing activities
  • Mainstreaming activities funded by central or local government
  • Projects that are considered to be part of an organisation’s normal day to day running costs
  • Capital projects (projects that involve building or buying land).

Or the following project elements:

  • Financial support for individuals
  • Personal items of clothing, equipment or kit
  • Ongoing administration costs
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Medals, certificates or trophies
  • Domestic or foreign tours
  • Replacement, repairs or ongoing maintenance of existing equipment.

If you are in any doubt please contact your regional office.