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High Performance Sport

Success in elite sport depends on a number of factors coming together (see diagram below). While this may appear simple, the management of its implementation is complex and always very challenging. Identifying talent, ensuring it is developed by gifted coaches, provided with appropriate competition and supported by excellent services, is a tough task in the best of circumstances. Managing the process in a climate of very limited resources is a massive challenge.

A successful formula for Élite Sport

The responsibility for this management often lies with a senior coach who may or may not have appropriate skills. Ideally NGB's should appoint sports specific 'performance' managers who would have the primary purpose of ensuring that the elements of the success formula are in place. When this is not possible, generic performance directors should be employed to challenge, support and help manage Elite development programmes. Generic performance directors should also perform the same function for outstanding individuals in sports which have very limited staff resources. Welsh success in recent years has been achieved through placing the competitor as the focus of attention and building the support structures that he/she needs. This competitor centred approach is illustrated below.

Competitor -centred approach

Possible positive and negative influences are identified and managed so as to ensure that decisions taken and systems implemented are in the best interest of the individual. There is no doubt that young, talented individuals are sometimes disadvantaged because of their home location. They may find it difficult to get good coaching or the right level of completion as frequently as needed. The consensus of volunteers and professionals in North Wales is that there is a need to establish an Institute of Sport in North Wales. This does not mean a specific building, but a system for identifying and developing talent and ensuring that disadvantage is minimised and that the whole process is managed. If resourced appropriately SCW will establish a North wales Institute of Sport.

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