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27 May 2006

Our footballing heroes routinely risk injury on the pitch, but come June footy fans face potential harm during the FIFA World Cup (Jun 9 – July 9), when acts of over-eating and lounging in front of the TV will leave that all-important healthier lifestyle twice as likely to be dwindling on the subs bench.

When the curtain sweeps open on the month-long 2006 World Cup bonanza starting June 9, so fans could potentially have their steely eye firmly affixed on the football for a maximum 69 hours, clocking up to 4,140 minutes, across 46 matches.

Home-viewers will be less inclined to strike up physical exercise and more disposed to spending sustained 90-minute periods sprawled spider-like in front of the TV, only for one finger keenly dialling up the beer and pizza.

Even fans lucky enough to hold tickets for Cup matches risk showing their health the red card.

According to official figures, fans at last year’s FA Cup final gorged on a whopping 38,000 pasties and 13,000 beef burgers, flushed down by 370, 000 pints of beer and lager – an average five pints of beer per person, amassing a gigantean 700-850 calories and more than enough to fill a 25 metre swimming pool.

The Sports Council for Wales has stepped in to help fans avoid placing penalties on their health. It’s supporting a national drive to organise recreational sports and fit in physical activity, especially around the World Cup schedule in June.

In support of the Welsh Assembly Health Challenge Wales campaign, it wants to see more people enjoying physical activity and are calling on you to gather your family, friends and work colleagues for a lucrative fitness challenge.

And as we look towards the World Cup with the full expectation of watching a healthy team of players, there is no better way to simulate the experience by keeping fit and healthy with our footballing heroes.