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11 Mar 2006


Mileage: With every round of golf played you will walk between four and eight miles.

Getting fit isn’t just about pounding the gym treadmill of sweating it out in an aerobics studio. A refreshing alternative to burning the calorie and clocking up mileage is golf, which has proven to be physically, mentally and spiritually good for you! The sport has also achieved its highest profile ever in Wales since the announcement of Wales hosting the Ryder Cup in 2010 and there are more than 160 courses in Wales just waiting to be discovered.

On a physical level, the brisk walking involved is known to increase cardio-vascular capacity and reduce cholesterol. For every round of golf played, you will walk between four and eight miles and burn approximately 1000 calories. The simple action of swinging your club or bending down to pick up your ball helps to keep your joints supple. With golfers striking a ball an average of 30-40 times a round, you will work as many muscles and burn as much energy as in sports such as football and martial arts.


Mileage: Swimming 16 lengths of a 25 metre pool adds up to a ¼ of a mile and 32 lengths equals ½ mile

When you first get in a swimming pool, you may only be able to do just one length before feeling tired. Just like running, it takes time to build up endurance in swimming. But it will definitely come in time if you can commit to swimming 2-3 times per week.

If your total swimming time is 20-30 minutes, you will get just as much benefit as if you ran for 20-30 minutes.

Those who are overweight, pregnant or suffer from back pain may enjoy swimming since in water you weigh about one tenth of your weight on land. The water increases range of motion for those with arthritis or stiff joints as well, because there is less weight to lift when raising an arm or leg. Additionally, the humidity that surrounds most pools, especially those indoors, makes breathing easier for people with asthma or other serious lung conditions.