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8 Jun 2006

It’s that time of year again…you can’t find a space in the library, you’re overdosing on caffeine, your housemates have turned into stressed-out versions of their former selves and your skin has turned into a strange shade of grey.

Yes, it’s exam time. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good excuse not to keep in shape and to scoff on chocolate…

To keep you on the straight and narrow, the Sports Council for Wales has come up with its top ten handy, healthy revision and exam tips.

  • Yes, you’ve been told this before – but plan ahead! Don’t leave everything until the last minute – that way, you less likely to get stressed and you’ll have more time to look after yourself by eating sensibly and keeping in shape!
  • Make sure you jump-start your day. Get up at a good reasonable hour, make sure you have breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and go for a jog around the block or even strut some Beyoncé moves before you hit the books!
  • Break your revision up into manageable segments which are interspersed with walks. Rather than just letting off steam or catching up with gossip in the kitchen, why not go for a walk at the same time? Not only do you give your brain a break, but you are getting exercise and a good dose of fresh air to revitalise the grey matter…
  • Look at ways in which you can be more active in and around the house. Use the stairs to get physical, do floor exercises – even buy "Jade’s Dance Workout" if you think it’s going to get you moving!
  • We know it’s tempting but try not to overdose on the caffeine. Keep a bottle of water on your desk – your skin will thank you for it and you’ll thank us when you’re looking gorgeous at the post-exam celebrations!
  • When lectures finish and you find yourself chained to the desk, try to avoid a weekly shop – that way, you’ll have to make more frequent trips so you’re exercising more!
  • Make sure you take your mind off your studies! Perhaps get your mates together to go to a salsa lesson, go to an aerobics class or go swimming.
  • Make sure you eat sensibly – we know popping down the chip shop or eating junk food seems like the sensible option when you’ve got cramming to do, but it doesn’t take long to fix up an easy, nutritious meal that will provide you with a longer-lasting energy fix!
  • On exam day, try to leave enough time to walk or cycle to the exam room. It will help you clear your head and calm the nerves
  • Finally, try to relax. Have a long bath and pamper yourself or chill out with friends before going to sleep (aim for eight hours of beauty sleep).