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20 Oct 2005

As part of its Health Challenge Wales campaign, the Welsh Assembly Government is committed to creating conditions that make it easier for the people of Wales to get active. Recognising the part it plays in improving health, the challenge is see all adults undertaking 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five times a week. And with incentives such as free swimming at all local authority leisure centres for over-60’s, and the attraction of Wales’ beautiful landscape to get out and about in, there’s little reason not to play your part in making Wales a healthier nation.

Armed with a new found level of fitness, you will move your way off the highest rung of the risk ladder and increase the chances of living out a healthy future.

Chief Executive of Sports Council Wales, Dr Huw Jones said:

"I hope that more people will act on the positive message that they have the potential to influence their future health and wellbeing. While it is important for those already affected by the disease to keep active, it is crucial for future generations to act now to prevent its occurrence. The early years are valuable times to improve bone mass through exercise, and can have a major impact in later life.

"With obesity levels on the increase and participation in sport and exercise falling short of government guidelines, it is essential that more people undertake physical activity. Not only will your bones benefit, an array of health benefits await those making the culture shift and upping their activity levels, including reducing the risk of developing up to 20 chronic diseases and disorders."