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3 Jun 2005

Mona Williams from Gilfach Goch attended a heart health clinic in October 2003. After her check up she started on a heart health programme that was the springboard she needed to kickstart a new healthier lifestyle. Initially Mona was referred to a heart health group where she received support from the Dietitian and Physical Activity Adviser. Nine months on Mona graduated from the group programme and is now actively involved in the local Walking the Way to Health scheme.

In Gilfach Goch the Walking the Way to Health scheme has been set up with the Health Living Centre to promote the health and social benefits of walking. Mona joined the scheme in June 2004 and enjoys regular walks with other residents from the community. Very positive about the scheme Mona was quick to highlight the many benefits on offer,

"Every Monday morning we go out on a walk, it's usually twice a week for about a mile and a half. I enjoy getting out and meeting people, I feel better and it all counts towards my half an hour of activity each day. In between the led walks, I go out with my husband for walks as well. I've lost weight too, so I'm really pleased! This morning we saw a heron, so we keep an eye out for it every week now."