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9 Mar 2005

No excuses

· Go for walk at lunchtime it sharpens the mind, clears the brain and helps you avoid the afternoon energy slump

· Walk the school run instead of driving it. You will not only be getting exercise yourself but you will be teaching your children good habits

· Get off the bus, tube or train a stop earlier than normal

· Walk to the shops and invest in a small rucksack to help you carry the shopping home

· Walk up escalators and choose the stairs over the lift whenever possible. Remember that every step counts. Use a pedometer or step-o-meter to help you keep track and you'll soon discover that small decisions to walk instead of driving soon add up

Need some help?

If the thought of abandoning your beloved car or watching the bus pass you by seems all too much, then visit these websites for advice on how to incorporate walking into your daily routine.


Sustran’s Active Travel project promotes cycling and walking as effective ways to improve health, addressing issues such as heart disease and obesity.


With information on paths and routes, group walks, events and even finding a partner, there’s no reason for you not to start enjoying all that Wales has to offer.


The Countryside Council for Wales is committed to creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. Find out more about National Nature Reserves and National Trails across Wales and start enjoying walks through the stunning landscapes of Wales.


Health Challenge Wales is a call to all organisations and people to work together to make Wales an even better and healthier place to live. You can set yourself a personal challenge to take steps to improve your health or a challenge with family or friends. For your free action pack with ideas on what you can do, call .