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22 Mar 2005

Haines was quick to identify the benefits of using cost effective resources readily available at schools to compile films and photographic images of pupils engaged in sporting activity for analysis and development.

Key educational skills in ICT could be further enhanced in PE lessons by analysing digital photographs and video footage of sporting performances. Pupils would then be urged to assess techniques, evaluate style and pinpoint areas for future improvement.

To underline this point, fellow PESS Consultant Dr Lynne Spackman treated her audience - still revelling in the Welsh Grand Slam rugby victory - to a clip of a school rugby team polishing their skills on the pitch. She said:

"This is where it all begins. When you can show the pupils what they have achieved from the beginning of term through to the end of term, they can then understand the true value of physical education in school.

"ICT provides us with the opportunity to raise standards in our lessons. We can say this is what we’re working towards, this is your goal, let’s do it better.’"

The nation’s Grand Slam winning team is a true testament to this notion. Weeks of video analysis of the Six Nations teams highlighted weaknesses in their opponents’ performances and the strengths of their own.

The PE and School Sport programme’s core aims may be to promote participation and high standards of PE in Welsh schools, but with future links to Information and Communications Technology, the opportunity to help create the Welsh sporting legends of the future is there for the taking.