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16 Aug 2007

Community ChestNot content with costly memberships and lengthy drives to the gym, a Bridgend Residents’ Association have come up with a way to get local residents fit and healthy – from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Cwrt Anghorfa Sheltered Accommodation Residents Association are holding ‘Extend’ sessions for their residents, where tutors show them how to do activities in their own homes while watching television or doing the house work.

The project recently received a £750 Community Chest from the Sports Council for Wales to fund a further 30 sessions.

They are designed to help remove the barriers that prevent the Accomodation’s residents from participating in physical activity, for whom cost and access to local facilities are genuine obstacles.

The sessions will provide residents of the Association’s accommodation with an opportunity to interact socially, especially if they do not normally attend social sessions or interact with other residents in the area.

It aims to encourage agility and improve concentration among participants, whilst motivating residents to continue with physical activity in their own time.