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15 Oct 2007

As the curtain opens on the fifth series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, don’t sit there wishing you could dazzle the audience like our celebrity stars - follow Gethin Jones’ lead - dust off your dancing shoes and join in says the Sports Council for Wales.

Strictly Come Dancing

The Blue Peter frontman from Cardiff has swapped presenting for Paso Doble to impress the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel and viewing public alike with his fancy footwork and snake-hipped style.

For the past week Jones and his dance partner Camilla Dallerup have been practising religiously for Saturday night’s show, after making it through the first round.

Jones is well used to taking on challenges in his current role as a Blue Peter presenter, but the 29 year-old admits he is facing his toughest challenge yet.

"I love challenges, I love having a go at stuff, especially stuff I’m not very good at and dancing is something that’s really alien to me. My friends have been teasing me about the fact that I can’t do it, so I’ve said ‘right then I’ll show you’.

"They’ve been watching some of the tapes and laughing because of some of the hip action but you can see deep down they wish they could have a go. I thought I’m not going to sit back and say ‘Oh it’s a girly thing’, I’m going to have a go myself.

"It’s a very physical challenge, you have to be very flexible and you need mental strength to put it all together. I’ve realised over the last couple of weeks it really is like learning a new skill, and when you get it right it’s a real buzz. I did a knee slide for the first time yesterday and I actually burned my jogging bottoms. I thought ‘yes, this is brilliant, I feel like a professional dancer!"