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Behind Every Star

Behind Every StarEleven athletes. Ten sports. One thing in common: the support of a coach who’s helped them succeed.

From goggles to putters, bows to oars, bikes to spikes, this is a unique insight into the relationships that have helped eleven Welsh sports’ stars to shine.

You’ll see why their coaches do it. Yes, a love for the sport. But also to develop talent and a desire to win. Learn new skills. Increase knowledge. Get fit. Become part of a team and have fun.

Coaching and volunteering is vital in sports. Through interviews with elite athletes and images by Cool Cymru’s photographer Terry Morris plus a touring exhibition around Wales, we want to celebrate that role. Because at this very moment there are volunteers coaching their local five-a-side team, training netballers on attack drills, slicing oranges for halftime, setting up the nets, driving the minibus, demonstrating the Up and Under and planning the next practice session.

These volunteers really make a difference. But there’s no doubt we need more. What you do and how much time you give is up to you, and there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. But what exactly is involved in coaching or volunteering?

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And if you want to see the photographs and find out more about coaching and volunteering in your area then check out our schedule to find out if were coming to a town near you.