Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies

The Sports Council for Wales (SCW) works with a wide range of partners, but to achieve performance and excellence aims and objectives its primary partners are the National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGB's). Efficient and effective NGB's are an essential contributor to the success of sport. We contend that a successful governing body has three essential characteristics - see diagram below. Sport in Wales needs successful governing bodies and SCW will work to support governing bodies to achieve these three characteristics with willing partners.

3 essential characteristics of successful NGB

SCW has three main aims in supporting the performance and excellence agenda:

  • to maintain and widen the performance base;
  • to maintain and improve opportunities, structures and standards throughout the performance/ excellence pyramid (below);
  • to improve the standards of individuals and teams competing at international level.

Sports Development Pyramid

These aims are inter-dependent and they are underpinned by a number of objectives which collectively represent an improvement in the sporting infrastructure through the development of people, organisations and facilities. To achieve the aims of performance and excellence, we will need to work with partners to ensure:

  • increasing club and governing body membership;
  • increasing numbers of volunteers;
  • increasing numbers and improving standards of coaches;
  • increasing numbers of trained officials (e.g referee's);
  • increasing numbers of administrators at all levels of sport;
  • better access to better facilities;
  • appropriate competition;
  • talent is identified and developed;
  • better access to support services (e.g sports science).

Many of these objectives will be supported by developing people and places and by increasing levels of participation, while others will be specifically addressed through programmes to support performance and excellence in sport and in particular an athlete-centred model of sporting development.

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