Governing Bodies

Club Development

It is estimated that there are currently 4,638 sports clubs in Wales. Clubs have a vital role to play in local implementation of national sport strategies, supporting the potential for player development.

The Welsh Assembly Government highlighted in there document "Climbing Higher" that they aim:

  • to increase junior club membership to 80%;
  • to increase senior club membership to 40%.

Resources and Funding:

For further information on the funding available for club development please click here.

For further information on how to develop your club please click here.

What is Sports Council Wales role?

To review and revise club infrastructure

  • gather and make use of existing research and information to build an informed picture of the current situation;
  • rise awareness of examples of good practice in relation to effective club structures in Wales;
  • tke steps to review and revise club infrastructure to facilitate life-long participation.
Who else plays a part?

Governing Bodies

  • provide a clear lead to member clubs;
  • establish a club development programme and models of best practice;
  • link competition structures to a strategy for success at national level.

Local Authorities

  • provide guaranteed facility access on a longer-term basis.
  • recognize and work with sports clubs as a valuable partner to assist in the delivery and development of sport;
  • facilitate workshops and seminars among groups of clubs to increase collaboration and more effectively use limited resources.