Governing Bodies


Recognition is a process, agreed jointly by the Home Country Sports Councils and UK Sport, to determine, for the Sports Councils, what is a sporting activity and to establish which organisations govern the sporting activity on a Home County and UK basis.

The recognition of a sporting activity or governing body of sport does not necessarily mean eligibility or entitlement to the Sports Council's investment or services.

Principles of Recognition:

The principle of recognition is based on a two stage process:

  • the recognition of a sporting activity against criteria;
  • the recognition of a governing body of sport that professes to govern, control and develop the recognised sporting activity within a defined jurisdiction within the UK.

The recognition of a governing body is designed to enable the Sports Councils to determine one lead organisation for the governance, control and development of the sporting activity. It does not mean that the Sports Councils have approved or accredited the quality of the governing body’s management or development programmes. The Sports Councils will consider such issues in greater detail as part of any investment process.

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