Governing Bodies

Self Assurance

The Sports Council for Wales (SCW) through the "Framework for the Development of Sport and Physical Activity" acknowledges that those National Governing Bodies (NGBs) which consistently deliver opportunities and success have sound governance and good management. Therefore SCW will focus on a Modern Sport programme leading to a robust, representative, accountable and inclusive NGB, able to demonstrate leadership and good governance.

As part of the ongoing modernisation agenda, the National Governing Bodies Services section has introduced a NGB Self Assurance process. The Assurance process is a self assessment tool that reports on the governance status of NGBs. This is done solely on the basis of the information that is provided by the NGB within a web based application.

The process covers the following operational areas;

  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Financial Management;
  • Human Resources;
  • Organisational Policy.

The aim of the Self Assurance process is to help NGBs move towards achieving credible governance and sound management.

Each NGB will have its own section within the application where it can assess itself against a number of different outcomes concluding with an overall assurance statement agreed and signed off by SCW.

The statement’s contents will be appropriate to the size, status and resources of each NGB.