Governing Bodies

Modern Sport

The Sports Council for Wales (SCW) through the "Framework for the Development of Sport and Physical Activity" acknowledges that those National Governing Bodies (NGBs) which consistently deliver opportunities and success have sound governance and good management. Therefore, SCW will focus on a Modern Sport programme leading to a robust, representative, accountable and inclusive NGB, able to demonstrate leadership and good governance.

The Modern Sport programme describes a comprehensive method by which NGBs can check their current effectiveness and take practical measures to ensure they are a fully Modern Sport.

By Modern Sport, we mean that a NGB should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • strong accountability to all members, funders and stakeholders in the sport;
  • modern and efficient arrangements for the long-term governance of the sport;
  • appropriate legal structures for the organisation;
  • an aspirational yet realistic strategic plan with appropriate annual business plans;
  • clear leadership of the sport which commands the respect of the majority of players;
  • explicit roles and expectations to ensure the optimum contribution from board members, paid staff, volunteers, and players;
  • transparent and compliant systems for managing and administering the sport;
  • a commitment to ethical standards and fair play throughout all aspects of the sport;
  • diverse sources of revenue without over-dependence on any one funder;
  • partnership working with related organisations to deliver national priorities for sport.

A Modern Sport rests upon four key pillars – board, chair, CEO or equivalent and staff/volunteers - each of which requires clear governance, leadership and management roles in order to deliver on the NGBs sporting ambitions.