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100%ME is UK Sport's athlete-centred programme which aims to increase understanding of drug-free sport amongst the whole sporting community through providing high quality, relevant information on anti-doping, and promoting the positive attitudes and values of sportsmen and women in the UK who have competed successfully in sport drug-free.

'Life is too short. Be 100% yourself. Be 100% natural. Be 100% drug-free.'
- Sarah Bailey, Paralympic Swimmer and Paralympic Gold Medallist

Sport is about competing and performing to the very best of your ability. If athletes have to use prohibited substances or methods to improve their performance then they are cheating themselves and their fellow athletes.

  • 100% Belief;
  • 100% Determination;
  • 100% Dedication;
  • 100% Respect;
  • 100% Commitment;
  • 100% Knowledge.

These are the attributes of world class sportsmen and women who commit themselves to drug-free sport. Athletes with these qualities know what it's like to win without drugs because they have confidence in themselves and their preparation for an event.

The 100%ME message is delivered through a network of accredited tutors who have received training through UK Sport and, in Wales, we currently have a network of 33 tutors able to spread the message. The aim is to deliver the 100%ME message to athletes, teachers, parents and coaches so that they:

  • are aware of the importance of staying drug free;
  • are informed of where to find information about drugs in sport;
  • can identify banned substances and methods.

If you’d like to find out more, or you’re interested in attending future 100%ME update sessions or training to become a tutor yourself, contact Sue Maughan at Sport Wales on or by email at

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