Élite Cymru

Élite Cymru


Élite Cymru is a lottery funded programme which is aimed at providing both élite and potentially élite athletes from non-Olympic sports with a wide range of support in order to assist them to fully develop their potential.

Élite Cymru members are provided with:-

  • Financial support;
  • Medical support;
  • Sports Science support;
  • Strength and Conditioning support;
  • Performance Lifestyle;
  • Coaching.

It is an achievement in itself to be included as a member of the Sport Wales Élite Cymru scheme. The performance standards are extremely high in order to meet the criteria for support. To receive continued support on the scheme Élite Cymru members must be able to prove to the Sport Wales and their governing body that they are continuing to make progress. It is the view of Sport Wales that taking advantage of the support services on offer will give Élite Cymru members the best possible chance of achieving their goals and help to make the 1% difference that could bring success.

Élite Cymru membership is usually reviewed on an annual basis against clearly defined performance plans and in conjunction with national governing bodies. Performances against agreed targets are taken into account.

This guide provides information on how Élite Cymru awards can support talented sportsmen and women and the method of application.

Sport Wales offers this triple commitment to applicants:

  • your application will be judged on its individual merits and in line with criteria laid down by Sport Wales;
  • you will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner;
  • the decision on your application will be sent to you as quickly as possible. If the decision is delayed, we will inform you and try to give an indication of when it is likely to be made.

The National Lottery

The National Lottery has generated significant new funding for good causes in the UK, including sport. Money for non-Olympic sports is distributed by Sport Wales.

Competitor Centred Approach

The Élite Cymru scheme adopts a competitor centred approach to excellence. Service delivery is based on the premise that the competitor needs to operate in an environment where support is co-ordinated and not delivered in an ad-hoc, fragmented approach. The competitor is central to the process, while systems and support services have to be adaptable and accessible to assist the competitor to fulfil his/her potential.

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