27 May 2006

Dr Huw Jones, Chief Executive of the Sports Council for Wales, says:

Turn up your heart rate not the TV!

Watching TV makes you feel lethargic. Ninety minutes in front of the screen may not be immediately detrimental to your health, but the longer-term consequences could be. Once the match is over, you’re less inclined to get up and active and more likely to stay in front of the television or continue eating and drinking.

Government guidelines advise that all adults should have at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five days per week so instead of letting your heart rate slump with an evening glued to the box use the World Cup as an opportunity to enjoy some active living.

Watch what you eat

At a time when we’re more likely to over-eat, it’s important to keep tabs on what we eat and make sure you enjoy some form of regular physical activity.

If you’re going to snack during the match try choosing some low-fat or healthy options, or place jugs of water or fresh orange within easy reach to perhaps encourage you to drink less alcohol.

It’s easy to feel a slump in spirits once the match is over and we wonder what to do next. If you’re well hydrated, you’ll feel better prepared to get outside and give your own activity a go once the game is over.