27 May 2006

Take advantage of the early summer sunshine

If you’ve ever fancied yourself to be a budding Beckham or might just like to score that heroic winning goal, arrange your own matches against other keen footy fanatics. Get the kids together for a kick-about and make the most of the June sunshine.

The score doesn’t stop there. If donning the football boots isn’t quite your style, there are a whole host of other sporting activities – whether a game of tennis, a gentle jog or round of golf.

Try weekend mornings or after work before you watch the match on screen. World Cup matches will be televised during the evenings at various times from 4pm, 6pm and 8pm and usually 3pm over weekends, but teams will have days off in between matches to recuperate.

As the nation will undoubtedly sit wide eyed with expectancy, watching our players get in shape for the World Cup, we can be assured that any unhealthy snacking in front of the TV is justified as we emulate our heroes in team physical activity.

1 pint lager 165 calories 40 minutes walking

1 pint bitter ale 170 calories 20 minutes cycling

1 large glass wine 170 calories 40 minutes golf

1 packet dry roasted peanuts 147 calories 20 minutes swimming

2 medium slices pizza 228 calories 20 minutes jogging

1 small portion nachos 299 calories 30 minutes football

1 cheese and onion pasty 507 calories 45 minutes rugby