26 May 2006

What do you do in an average day? Chances are you spend most of it sitting! Recent research published by the British Chiropractic Association found that one in three of us spend 10 hours a day sat down, which tallies up to an incredible 32 years and four months over a lifetime. Not only highlighting the obvious risks to your health by leading such a sedentary life, it also begs the question, what are you actually achieving while you’re sat?

The majority can be accounted for during your working day, but the rest is far less productive. Around 34% of people in Wales bed down on the sofa every evening and whittle away the hours in front of the television.

But your evenings and weekends needn’t be so routine. With the average Brit spending 25 hours a week in front of the box, most of us should be able to channel a few of those hours for a more meaningful activity.

How about turning what you enjoy into an activity that benefits others. Something that puts you in control of something other than the remote?

To coincide with Volunteers Week (1-7 June), Disability Sport Wales (DSW) is calling on you to kick the sofa habit, step forward and make a difference in your community.