7 Mar 2006

Team logoWhen the Sports Council for Wales set the challenge to three Welsh primary schools and three Melbourne primary schools to produce a picture that depicts the Commonwealth Games, the responses followed thick and fast.

With one winner from each school rewarded with their very own artwork printed on the reverse of the flags to be carried by athletes at the curtain raiser that is the opening ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, much was at stake for pupils from the six schools.

As part of Melbourne’s ‘adopt a second team’ programme, Team Wales will be bolstered by the support of three Victorian boroughs; Goldenplainshire, Geelong and Bayside. With the aim of educating and uniting through sport, three Welsh schools were twinned with a school from each borough and challenged to produce a poster.

Pupils from the Welsh schools had something of an advantage in the sporting ideas department. Recruited to the Sports Council’s Dragon Sport scheme – which aims to get more primary school children involved in extra-curricular sport – the schools have been working at broadening the sporting interests and imagination of our children. Not just having an impact in the gym hall or sports field, teachers have been enthusing and encouraging pupils during class time, with the posters evidence of their efforts.