13 Mar 2006

Event 1: The Gymnastic Routine

How can anyone resist acting their shoe size to shed a few calories?

Why not turn up your all-time favourite tunes and let your rhythm run wild with a dazzling array of handstands, kart-wheels and forward somersaults - marks could be scored for the best routine. More importantly, a bit of bend and stretch will gently warm up the muscles but make sure you’ve prepared a soft landing!

Event 2: The Athletics Trial

Whether you’re a budding Rhys Williams or your feet are just bursting to be Matt Elias, short periods of exercise will gently strengthen your anaerobic and aerobic fitness. How about using a mat to hop, skip and jump into the weekend with long jump. Then you could keep contenders on their toes with running races and mini-hurdles or even emulate the shot-put with bean bag throwing. If that doesn’t keep your contenders on track, you can always challenge them to sack races, two-legged races, or rope the family into a sizzling skipping contest.

Event 3: The Swimming Splashdown

There’s no need to travel to Melbourne when you can dive down under at your local pool for less than £10 for the family. Pack the towels and get on down to your leisure centre to find out who rules the waves. If doggy paddle’s too easy, your might want to challenge your opponents to a front-crawl, breaststroke or backstroke bonanza!

Soak up the fun as the family attempt to use floats with no arms or legs in the fastest time and if you want to make things really slippery, hold an underwater event to see who can hold their breath the longest.

Olympic bronze medallist, David Davies, recommends the Welsh Assembly Government’s free swimming sessions for schoolchildren during holiday time and for over 60’s throughout the year. For further information, contact your local authority or nearest leisure centre or alternatively visit or