13 Mar 2006

AYERSROCKA3Where will you watch the Commonwealth Games this year? Straining to see over a quick coffee in the noisy work canteen, or anxiously glued to highlights of the day’s action on local late-night news?

The Welsh public will undoubtedly be cheering for Team Wales from wherever there are seated during the Games. But as the leaves shed their last shades of winter brown here in Wales; quite frankly it’s hard not to be green with envy at those immersed in the breathtaking atmosphere in Aussie sunshine.

Over 10,000 miles away in Melbourne the clash of 70 nations is set to erupt into a live display of music and medals beneath a sunny 20-25C. And if that’s not enough to rub salt into the wounds, Aussie schoolchildren are actually enjoying time off to watch it.

Thankfully, we’re not going to miss out with our Team Wales HQ working round the clock to conquer the massive 11 hour time difference, bringing you the principality’s most defining moments as they happen. In fact, the Commonwealth action could take place closer to home than you might think because according to the Welsh Assembly Government, we need look no further than the grassy banks of our own back gardens to bring the competition, colour and excitement to our homes.