16 Aug 2007

The Health and Fitness group is easing women into PilatesLadies in the Bridgend Cynffig community are making gentle moves to get fit and healthy on a ten-week lottery-funded Pilates course.

Cynffig Women’s Health and Fitness Group are using a £710 Community Chest lottery grant from the Sports for Wales to recruit a Pilates instructor, and purchase new equipment.

With no other fitness provision of its kind for females in the Cynffig community, it is hoped the activity sessions will encourage ladies to become more physically active, and foster community cohesion.

It will also raise awareness of alternative physical activity opportunities, such as Pilates, and help to raise self-confidence among participants.

Pilates uses the mind to control the muscles and teaches awareness of breathing to strengthen the torso muscles, important for providing support for the spine and alleviating and preventing back pain.

Following ten weeks of Pilates sessions, Cynffig Women’s Health and Fitness Group hope to run other activities once more research is undertaken by the sports development unit, to identify other activities that local females would like to participate in.

Since the inception of the Sports Council for Wales’ Community Chest scheme in 1999, communities across the length and breadth of Wales have been investing heavily in sports and physical activity projects.

Indeed, in its short history, the lottery funded grant aid scheme has distributed over £400,000 to projects across Bridgend