15 Oct 2007

Gabby Logan, daughter of former Wales international football player and manager Terry Yorath, has all the experience of being an international gymnast to boost her performance, but is these days more accustomed to presenting on BBC One’s Inside Sport and the Gabby Logan show on BBC Radio Five Live.

Tensions are already running high in the Logan household with Gabby’s husband, Kenny, also competing on the show. She said:

"We’re trying not to talk about it at all because the first time we did there was a small heated debate. Kenny was trying to teach me a waltz after two lessons!"

And although you may think you have two left feet, you too can feel the benefits of burning up the dance floor - there are plenty of dance classes in Wales to teach you how to put your best foot forward.

The Sports Council for Wales is urging others to follow Gethin and Gabby’s leads and turn on the spin and style.

Dancing has great benefits for your health and it's simply a question of finding a dance you enjoy. Dr Mark Ridgewell – who works with the Sports Council - explains:

"Dancing is an aerobic activity that improves the condition of the heart and lungs, and helps to improve posture and balance.

"It helps to build bone strength because you’re on your feet and this helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Many people are quite intimidated about hitting the dance floor until they’ve had a couple of drinks but anyone can dance - if not always elegantly!

"The main purpose is to be active and to enjoy it. As with most activities, it's a case of starting gently and building up."

For an average 10st person, an hour of ballroom dancing can burn up to 260 calories – the equivalent of one Mars Bar!

An hour of Salsa dancing can burn up to 420 calories – the equivalent of a kebab!

Dancing is suitable for all shapes and sizes with classes for all ages and abilities. So whether its ballet, belly or ballroom, the cha cha, the jive or disco, simply choose a style you enjoy or would like to try - and join a class.

South West

Swansea YMCA – St Helen’s Road – Tuesdays from 8pm

Salsa and meringue

Entrance £4

Pembs. Baubo belly dancing –

Range of venues including

Milford Haven/Haverfordwest/Letterston

Children, adult beginners and improvers between £4-£6 per class

For a comprehensive guide, check out STAR (Swansea Theatre Arts Register). STAR is a voluntary project aiming to promote performing arts classes, groups and companies in South West Wales (funded by the Arts Council of Wales and City and County of Swansea).