8 Jul 2008

Although 39-year old Rob Evans has only been a Community Champion for less than three months, the married father-of-two is already making big strides in the Dulais Valley where he is responsible for getting more people more active, more often.

The Community Champion role, funded by the Sports Council for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government, targets proactive individuals within the community to get more adults off the sofa and into regular physical activity.

Rob, who does this role on a part-time basis and also works full-time at Swansea College as a skills tutor, has already created, developed and instigated numerous clubs, leagues and events since he took up the role in April and has ambitious plans for the future.

He explains, "Since I’ve started this role, I’ve started a walking club, a rugby team building day, a tag tournament, a cycling club and a cycling event in August. It will take time to develop these clubs and events fully, but the interest is there and I’ve had some positive feedback to date.

"We recently secured a fleet of 20 mountain bikes which people will be able to use as and when they require. We’re trying to break down on the barriers to sport, for children and adults, and this is one of the ways in which we’re looking to do that."

He adds, "One of my projects for the future includes the development of an open cast tip in the area, Khartoum, which has a walking path around it. The trail is just under a mile long and outdoor training stations around the trail would work well there. The aim is now to see what can be done to further improve this facility."

As well as the outdoor training facility, Rob is also working on organising family ride events in the area along with female cycling sessions in a bid to get the whole family working together to make physical activity fun.

Chair of the Sports Council for Wales, Philip Carling, says:

"Our mission is to get more people in Wales more active, more often. The Community Champion project is designed to use the skills of unique individuals in our communities to kickstart physical opportunities for adult, sedentary groups as well as families."