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Sport for All and Sports Campaigns

The term "Sport for All" was first used in Council of Europe documents in the 1960s. Sport for All was defined at a meeting in Bruges in 1968 which adopted the following conclusion: Sport for All must provide "conditions to enable the widest possible range of the population to practise regularly either sport proper or various physical activities calling for an effort adapted to individual capacities". More information can be found in: Marchand, J. (1990) Sport for All in Europe, London, HMSO. A Sport for All Charter was adopted in 1976 and was revised in 1993: Council of Europe (1993) European Sports Charter, London, Sports Council.

The Sports Council, in conjunction with the Sports Council for Wales and the Scottish Sports Council, launched a Sport for All Campaign in 1972. A number of campaigns, under the Sport for All banner, were run in the 1970s and 1980s, some of which were aimed at specific groups such as women, people with a disability, children and those aged 50+. Further information can be found in the following report: McIntosh, P. and Charlton, V. (1985) The impact of Sport for All policy 1966-1984, London, Sports Council. A recent publication provides information on Sport for All in other countries: DaCosta, L. P. and Miragaya, A. (Editors) (2002) Worldwide experiences and trends in Sport for All, Oxford, Meyer and Meyer Sport.

The publications mentioned above, together with additional material on "Sport for All" and on Sports Council campaigns, can be consulted at the Sports Council for Wales Information Centre.