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Free Swimming Initiative

The Sports Council for Wales is acting as the Welsh Assembly Government’s agent in commissioning and managing the evaluation of the Free Swimming Initiative for both children and young people and for older people. Research and Evaluation chair and service the Evaluation Steering Group.

North West Wales Outdoor Recreation Partnership (NWWORP)

The Remit letter requires SCW to "Support on an evaluated pilot basis of 3 years commencing in 2005-06, the implementation of the plan submitted by the North West Wales Outdoor Activities Partnership aimed at increasing participation by local communities in outdoor adventure activities". The Research and Evaluation section have designed an evaluation brief and will support the monitoring and evaluation of the pilot over the three year period through meetings and visits to Partnership staff, design of monitoring materials and assistance in the production of annual reviews, as well as producing an overall evaluation report.

fit togetherFit Together

Fit Together is a SCW initiative introduced and piloted in April 2005 aimed at increasing the activity levels of women and girls through walking and jogging. The campaign was based in six local authorities with a view to rolling it out throughout Wales. Research and Evaluation led the evaluation of the initiative. This involved collecting both qualitative and quantitative data in order to gain an understanding of the processes of setting up Fit Together and to gauge the ‘success’ of the initiative. The evaluation findings were presented to Active Communities Senior Management, and the recommendations resulted in financial support for initiative for another 12 month pilot period.

A follow up evaluation is to take place in January 2007, which again will be led by Research and Evaluation. The section will present findings from this second phase, as well as a series of recommendations for Active Communities so that lessons can be learnt about how to develop long-term, sustainable outcomes for a co-ordinated approach to raising levels of physical activity in the adult population of Wales.

Voluntary Sector Think Tank

The Voluntary Sector Think Tank is an area of Active Communities’ work that is charged with working with voluntary organisations as part of SCW’s agenda to explore new and innovative avenues of working and delivering the physical activity message to communities across Wales. Research and Evaluation is an active member of the Think Tank and are consulted on all matters concerning research, evaluation and monitoring.