Research and Information Services


Active Places Think Tank

Research and Evaluation is an active member of the Think Tank and is currently evaluating five pilot projects in clubs and multi-sport associations across Wales. The aim of the evaluation is to examine the extent to which three models of club diversification most successfully widen facility usage and produce successful and sustainable increases in physical activity participation levels. An integral part of this evaluation is to understand why particular models succeed (and fail) in particular contexts. This evaluation is an important piece of work for the Council and will help shape the work of Active Communities.

Active Workplaces Think Tank

Research and Evaluation provide an advisory role to the Workplace Think Tank in all areas of research, evaluation and monitoring, and contribute to discussions and provide input. The workplace has become a unique area and opportunity to encourage adults and their families to increase levels of physical activity. In order to engage SCW employees in promoting health and physical activity, Research and Evaluation developed an in-house survey aimed at providing a body of evidence to demonstrate the range of activities and opportunities staff consider necessary to undertake 5x30 minutes of physical activity a week across the council, ultimately to reduce absence, increase productivity and develop a healthy workforce. In addition to this, the Research and Evaluation section are leading the research and evaluation element of a pilot workplace project with Tesco employees. This will enable SCW to learn about engaging with different types of partners to promote physical activity in the workplace.