Research and Information Services

Other Research

Welsh Institute of Sport (WIS) Users Survey:

This is a rolling biennial study of the views and characteristics of WIS Users, be they elite athletes, the general public, governing body representatives or clubs. Research and Evaluation design the questionnaire, and analyse and report on the data. The findings are utilised by WIS Management to improve the workings of the Institute.

SCW/WIS Staff Survey:

Research and Evaluation undertook the analysis and reporting of a SCW/WIS staff survey on behalf of SCW’s Human Resources section. The results from this survey were presented to the Human Resources (HR) Manger and SCW Directors, from which a series of actions were identified and taken to ensure that SCW continued to be a responsible and professional employer. Research and Evaluation continues to work with the HR Manager to develop and undertake the survey on an annual basis.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme:

The Sports Council for Wales recently introduced a salary sacrifice scheme for the purchase of bicycles, through which SCW staff can choose to forego part of their taxable salary in exchange for a bike. Research and Evaluation are evaluating the scheme for the Council. The results will be used by Human Resources to inform its future development. It will also benefit Active Communities in developing an evidence base for workplace-based programmes for increasing levels of physical activity in Wales.

ICT Survey:

Research and Evaluation undertook data analysis and produced a report for the Sports Council for Wales’ ICT department in order to assess the impact of the ICT changes implemented as a result of the 2003-2006 ICT Strategy; measure current levels of services provided by the ICT department; and to inform the development of a new ICT Strategy for the period 2006-2009.

Review of SCW Corporate Grant Forms:

Research and Evaluation ran a series focus groups across Wales with traditional and new partners in order to obtain participants’ views on how the Sports Council could improve the application process for Sportsmatch Cymru and Community Chest funding. The section was responsible for devising the interview schedule, methodology, analysis and reporting. The final report will feed into the development of new packs which will better facilitate applications from all eligible groups. This work was done in partnership with the Sports Council’s Grants team, and Marketing and PR section.