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Other Research

Social Marketing:

Within the Council’s ‘Framework for the Development of Sport and Physical Activity’, social marketing was highlighted as a tool that the Sports Council would utilise and develop. As a result, the Section has undertaken extensive desk-based research into social marketing and presented these findings to SCW’s Marketing and PR section, and the Active Communities Regional teams. These presentations have been designed to inform colleagues about what social marketing is, its benefits, global examples of successful social marketing, and the potential application of social marketing to their work.

Play Schemes: raising levels of physical activity?:

Facilitated by Cardiff Play Services, this empirical piece of research aims to explore qualitatively the contribution of ‘play’ to levels of physical activity among children. Using participant observation techniques, physical activity behaviour during summer play schemes was explored; in particular, the actions of, and interactions between, Play Workers and children, and issues concerning inclusion/exclusion and (non)participation. The data will be analysed and a report will be prepared for both SCW and Cardiff Play Services.

Perceptions of Changing Room facilities and PE Kit among Secondary School Pupils:

The aim of this case study research project is to investigate secondary pupils’ perceptions of changing room facilities and PE kit. There is a lack of research specifically exploring these perceived barriers to sports participation; this research will contribute and develop current research in this area as well as provide practical information for schools and SCW’s Active Young People officers to facilitate sports participation.