Research and Information Services

Planning Consultation

Planning Applications:

The Sports Council for Wales is the statutory consultee for planning applications affecting playing fields and this consultation work involves using the relevant legislation and guidance to make observations to planning authorities about these applications. This often includes written objections to the planning authority and ongoing correspondence (including visits to the sites) to work with the authority to best protect and provide sports and recreational facilities within developments. Correspondence with local clubs and residents concerned about proposed developments is often required. The Research and Evaluation section works closely with the National Playing Fields Association in this area. The revision of Technical Advice Note 16 for Sport and Recreation 1998 has also involved staff in the Assembly’s Technical Advice Group.

Unitary/Local Development Plans/Corporate Documents:

As well as commenting on planning applications, the Section responds to consultations on Unitary Development Plans (and will respond to the forthcoming Local Development Plans) and consultations involving access issues or rights of way. Various consultation strategies from local authorities or the Assembly also require a response where there is an opportunity to promote the development of sport and recreation opportunities.

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