Research and Information Services

Representation and Liaison

Research and Evaluation represent the Sports Council for Wales on a number of fora:

Local Government Performance Indicator (s) Leisure and Culture, Sport and Recreation Reference Group:

The Wales Programme for Improvement (WPI) was introduced in Wales in 2002 as a new approach to stimulating and supporting improvement in the delivery of local services. Under the programme councils examine the health of the corporate organisation and the performance of the range of services they provide. WPI core indicator sets are a crucially important part of the performance measurement framework. Given the radical reduction in statutory PIs, the core sets provide the main window on local authority performance. Each service area has a Reference Group; the Sports Council is one of the organisations represented to help develop the core indicators that are comprehensive enough to provide a fair and rounded picture of performance, but are not overly burdensome for the Authorities.

Local Authority Sports Development Benchmarking Group:

Research and Evaluation represent Sports Council for Wales on this group which meets quarterly advising the Local Authority Sports Development Managers on the measurement of key performance indicators from Climbing Higher and provide them with Local Authority level sports and physical activity participation data and updates as new survey data is received. Outside of meetings, benchmarking group members frequently contact Research and Evaluation staff for further Local Authority or regional analysis; such as, providing sport specific data, participation trends, barriers to participation, use of leisure centres and analysis by age, gender and socio economic group. Research and Evaluation also provide advice on suitable research methods/questionnaire design if Local Authorities are conducting their own studies.

Wales Virtual Institute of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (WISHES):

WISHES promotes increased awareness of research activities in the fields of sport, health and exercise sciences within the different higher education institutions throughout the Principality, and fosters new collaborative links between individuals and institutions in these research areas. The Sports Council is an institutional member of WISHES and Research and Evaluation represent the Sports Council on its Advisory Board. This has proved fruitful in terms of supporting and guiding the academic community in sports policy discourses.

Countryside Recreation Network (CRN):

CRN has a UK remit to exchange and share information to develop best policy and practice in countryside recreation. The network is has a strong research function; sponsoring research events and seminars, as well as pooling resources to commission research. As such, the Research and Evaluation represents the Sports Council on this group and actively contributes to the Research sub-group. This group is important in terms of contextualising the wider UK perspective on countryside recreation, sharing best practice and promoting information exchange.